Thursday, August 12, 2010

week 12; A colourful world ; 29.11-3.12.2010

Source of photo: Google Images


1.Watch the information about mind maps at
2.Create your own mind map related to the topic of “happiness”
3.In pairs, students share what you have put down , maybe you can complete your map
4.You will listen to Louis Armstrong singing „ What a wonderful world „
5.Individually predict why the singer thinks the world is wonderful
6.Compare your predictions with those of your pair
7. listen to the song without looking at the lyrics at
8.While-listening you have to draw a picture to illustrate the song
9.Add other details not mentioned in the song
10.Share with each other why the additional details have been included
11.Look at your pre-listening mind maps .Would you like to complete them with other words?
12.Scan your mind maps and drawings
13.Add them in the next blank post

Resource: “ Use of Songs in the Teaching of Lifeskills Modules” at

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